Monday, January 14, 2013

What I am currently reading... Oh and some other stuff

So I figured I would do a new post on what I am currently reading or will read. That is all. The Quarter has started so I am starting to get busy. I am hoping to start my independent study and start my research project. This hopefully could turn into a thesis in Grad School in the near future.

I am about to start reading this Ethnography by Steven Gregory called The "Devil Behind The Mask: Globalization and Politics"  for my Anthropology 470 course Globalization and Power. I just checked out a book from my University library called "The Bases of Empire: The Global Struggle against U.S. Military Posts" by Dr. Catherine Lutz, professor of Anthropology at Brown University. I guess I was the first person ever to check out the book at our Library. That didn't surprise me at the least. Not to many people care about the Militarization of culture in our society and that we are all living in a Modern day Rome. An Empire. A Militarized State/Empire.

I will just keep checking out the book until I finish reading it. No one is going to check it out anyways. I bet when I checked out this book, the transaction was sent to you know who. The State. It's common knowledge that this surveillance via wiretapping, emails, library checkouts, etc get sent to some fusion center somewhere. Fusion centers are these centers that work along with local and National law enforcement and intelligence agencies to collect information on U.S. Citizens. Essentially spying on us. I think the closest Fusion center here in the I.E. is in Santa Ana and LA.

Want to know about Fusion Centers? Check this video out from RT America:

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