Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The American Dream" (Video)

I came across this video while browsing YouTube searching for anything pertaining to the Federal Reserve and it's corrupt practices. The Video is an animated film called  "The American Dream". It's only 30 mins long but this video does a great job of explaining how we got into this Economic Crisis that we are in today. It is very informative and also entertaining. I suggest that you watch this video to learn more about how we became an economic system build on Debt and how this Country is truly run by a few Greedy Tyrants who want a New World Order. The Federal Reserve must be stopped. Share this blog, share this video and spread the word. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Masters of Horror

The Masters of War
What is this all for?
For the Poor to destroy the poor?
So the few can have more?
The Masters of Horror.

I have't wrote a blog in awhile. I've been really busy with School. I wouldn't call this a poem. A little too short for my usual liking but this just came to my mind and I had to write it and share it. These words started flowing through my mind while I was watching a Documentary of a Marine's struggle after returning from Afghanistan.The movie is called "Hell and Back Again" and it is available on Netflix. It's really sad that poor people fight a meaningless war while the Masters of War pull the strings for their benefit. The 1% don't give a damn if these Soldiers die, If people in the Middle East or around the world die, or if I die. All they care about is that piece of paper. People are dying for a piece of Paper. This is all Blood to feed the dollar tree. They must be stopped. Wake up and we can defeat these Global Evil Elite's. We the People shall overcome!