Saturday, October 6, 2012

"The Truth keeps callin' me and I'm a live to tell the story"

Hello world. How's it going? Just a quick update. I will finally start writing in this blog on a weekly basis. I am really busy but I feel I need to squeeze this in there. I will be writing for the rest of my life doing research as an Anthropologist, Activist and to speak my mind on issues that I feel are important.

Writing is a great tool for critical thinking, creativity, change, Questions and Challenges, reflection, fun and most of all, It is part of being a Human. This is going to be my space and practice never hurts. 

I will alter the focus of the Blog just a bit. I will write about my life as an Anthropology Student and Student Organizer and the triumphs and struggles of Social Justice and in my life.  I chose to follow the rabbit hole............ 

"The Truth Keep's callin' me and I"m a live to tell the story" 

-Sage Francis