Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Police State Watch: Occupy LA protester arrested at Art Walk for alleged "Lynching"

Sergio Ballesteros, an Occupy Los Angeles protester who had previously appeared on a National Television program on  MSNBC,  was arrested for "Lynching" at the Art Walk this past Thursday, January 12th according to LAist.com.

Ballesteros was arrested when the LAPD, who were monitoring a crowded sidewalk, swarmed and arrested a drummer for stepping off the curve. The LAPD then knocked to the ground and arrested Ballesteros and his girlfriend, when the crowd reacted to the incident. 

In the article by LAist, A Lawyer advising Occupy LA, Sue Basko, believes Ballesteros did not engage in "Lynching" and was the target of the Police for his appearance on National Television arguing in support of the Occupy Movement.

This again is another incident that is evidence of the Police State our U.S. Government has been running for quite some time. If we don't act now, the Global Elite which include the Mega banks and their Puppets in Washington will soon have their New World Order, a World Government that will enslave all of us. We need to wake up as Americans, as a World, as Humans and fight for our human rights. We must end the Tyranny. 

Here is Video of the Incident:

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